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How Does Addiction Therapy Work 

Having an environment surrounded by encouragement for recovery is the only way you’ll begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. If you continue to live in the environment that you’ve become accustomed to, you’ll only continue the destructive behavioral patterns that you have developed over time. 

The first step towards recovery is always admitting to the problem at hand. We understand that this can be an extremely scary thing to do. Our staff at We Are H.O.P.E Recovery Solutions is here to ease your mind and help you remember that rehabilitation is an opportunity for a fresh start. If you make the decision to receive help, we welcome you with open arms.


Focusing on Mental Health in Addiction Therapy

Most times, mental health and addiction go hand in hand, we put an emphasis on treating both by partnering with We Are H.O.P.E to ensure your mental health is addressed. We believe that in order to have a successful recovery, each patient should focus on strengthening their mental health. 


What are Mental Health Disorders and What Do They Affect?


A mental health disorder changes different parts of one’s brain and causes their behavior patterns to vary.  Mental health disorders can affect your mood, thinking and behavior. It can influence their overall health, interpersonal relationships, and how they emotionally react to situations. Mental health disorders are estimated to affect around 1 in every 5 people in the U.S. 


Breaking the Stigma


Unfortunately, many individuals who have mental health disorders remain undiagnosed and those who are diagnosed rarely receive treatment for the disorder. There is a huge stigma surrounding mental health in the United States which regards seeking or retaining help as a weakness which is far from the truth.


At We Are H.O.P.E Recovery Solutions, we hope to help break that stigma. We offer many treatments specializing in treating mental health disorders for this very reason. It’s important to recognize that without encouraging healthy ways to support mental health growth, addiction rates will continue to rise.


Available Mental Health and Addiction Therapy

In response to the continuously growing numbers of both mental health and addiction disorders, we offer many different treatments here at We Are H.O.P.E Recovery Solutions including addiction therapy. These treatments focus on different parts of the brain and body. They also provide coping tools to help our patients deal with both their mental health and addiction disorders.


Dual-Diagnosis Treatment

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