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All About us

We Are H.O.P.E Recovery Solutions is owned and operated by two Women who both were born and raised in Las Vegas, NV both adversely affected by the trauma of living with parents who were addicted to drugs and alcohol. Though, each of their parents presented as what we refer to as "functional addicts" (keeping a roof over their heads, providing meals, clothes, etc). There was no function in keeping them from sexual molestation, witnessing abuse even unto the murder of one's mother. These traumas have greatly impacted each of their lives so much that their main goal is to reach individuals who also suffer and/or have family members who suffer from substance abuse addiction.

Their mission is to bring hope to each person by defying the usual odds. Who says you can't beat addiction? You can!!! Who says your family member will never change? They can!!! Who says this is the end? This is just the beginning!!! You can, We can together, regain our power, our sense of purpose and our life. No more excuses, there is HOPE in recovery. 

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