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Our dual-diagnosis treatment allows our patients to undergo an intensive evaluation to determine what is really causing their addictions. More often than not, our staff finds that patients are suffering from more than one type of disorder at once. A dual diagnosis usually includes some type of substance use disorder and some type of mental health disorder. 

Without our dual-diagnosis treatment, a lot of our patients would have never known they were suffering from a mental disorder on top of their substance use disorder. By recognizing that both are present, we can cut down the time that they spend in treatment. This allows us to provide them with coping techniques for both disorders, as well as give them skills to re-enter into normal life.


Family Therapy


Family therapy is essential for our patients wanting to mend relationships that may have been strained due to their addiction. We allow family members to come into therapy sessions with their loved ones in treatment. This allows both parties to reconnect and explain their sides of the story in a safe and healthy environment.


Individual Therapy


Our therapists offer individual therapy to help get to the root of each patient’s addiction. Patients will spend their individual sessions talking about past events, relationships, and other factors that may have led to their addiction. Each patient will receive different therapy based on his or her own specific needs.


Group Therapy


Group therapy is used to allow our patients to come together and relate to one another. Group sessions provide a safe space to show how addiction has affected everyone. Each patient has the opportunity to share their own story and also listen to others tell their stories. Group therapy provides a sense of community amongst our patients and gives them a chance to make lifelong friends who understand what they’re struggling with.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT, is a psychological treatment used to change the way individuals think about situations. Those suffering from substance use often believe there is no way around their cravings and habits. CBT is used by our therapists to show them that there are other options. 

This type of therapy is beneficial for providing a different way to approach certain situations. In turn, it changes the thought processes and behaviors of our patients.


Contact us today and our staff will be glad to assist you in taking the first step to gaining a sense of control in your life back.  

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